How to Use Archiver.FS

How to Use Archiver


Archiver.FS is a system tool that is used for archiving files on Windows File Servers. The tool is an effective archiving solution for you as it comes with numerous features and is simple in its functioning. Archiver.FS has a free licence and a paid subscription licence. For those who need to archive a limited number of files, the free version is advised. However, if you wish to archive files in bulk, the paid version would be more beneficial. This article shall tell you about the steps you must follow to ensure that the free version of the software works properly.

The procedure to download Archiver.FS is simple; however, a few prerequisites are required for the download to be successful. These include:

  • Your computer must work on any Windows 64 Bit Version and be released after Windows 2003.
  • It is essential to download the latest version of SQL Express and the .Net Framework 4.0 software for Archiver.FS to work properly.
  • On your network, you must set up an empty share in the location where you would like to store the files that are archived.
  • You must disable User Account Control on the computer you wish to install Archiver.FS on. To do so, press the Windows key and R at the same time to open the Run command. Type ‘MSCONFIG’ and select ‘return’; this would open MSCONFIG. Now, click on the ‘Tools’ tab, select ‘Disable UAC’, and then click on ‘Launch’. Upon the command being executed, you must reboot your system.

If you have completed the above-mentioned steps, you can now download and install Archiver.FS and use it properly.

Features of Archiver.FS

Archiver.FS has numerous features that make it amongst the best archiving solutions. These include:

  • The tool works without requiring you to deploy any agents on your servers or workstations. It makes use of the existing functionalities in your Windows OS.
  • It allows the migration of old files from and to any source and target volumes respectively as long as these volumes are integrated with NTFS and are shared to the Archiver.FS network.
  • The users are provided ‘direct file access’ which provisions users to instantly access any and every archived file.
  • The processing is unlimited and up to 5 jobs are supported.


Archiver.FS is impressive software that is effective and unlike similar archiving tools, it doesn’t attempt to transform into a pseudo-document management system. You can surf more on this website, one of the trusted sources. The tool is available for free and is highly recommended due to its efficiency and the wide range of features it offers.

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