Is It Time To Upgrade To A Dedicated Server?

Have you been considering upgrading to a dedicated server from VPS or shared hosting? If so, read on for more information designed to help you reach an informed decision....

Have you been considering upgrading to a dedicated server from VPS or shared hosting? If so, read on for more information designed to help you reach an informed decision. If your website is expanding, your business is growing and you are starting to attract more visitors, you may have had dedicated servers recommended to you. Shared hosting is unlikely to be suitable for any business other than a small or new one, so if you have decided to put your shared hosting days behind you, you may well be ready to assess the pros and cons or VPS versus dedicated servers.

Servers are very similar to personal computers in that they have hard drives, a CPU, ports and memory. However, they are generally much more powerful than the device you might use for work or entertainment at home. The more powerful the hardware in the server is, the more efficient it will be. When you’re looking for a server for hosting, it’s important not to solely think about the server, as the hosting plan itself is something that requires much consideration. You will need to think about things like customer care, performance monitoring, security protocols and software upgrades to give just a few examples. When you are looking for the best hosting plan, you need to pay close attention to the way the hardware is used, what the management services consist of and the server hardware.

Key differences

When you have a dedicated hosting plan, you will be using all of the server’s hardware, whereas you’ll be sharing it with a VPS. However, you will have a determined fraction of the resources when you use VPS, unlike with shared hosting where the behaviour of others can impact on the level of resources you can use. With VPS servers, virtualisation technologies are used to split resources between users. For instance, with a 500GB drive split between five users, each one would get 100GB of storage space each.

How to approach cost

As you would expect, you’ll normally have to pay less for VPS due to the fact you’ll be sharing the server. Prices can start from around $20 per month, but can run into the hundreds depending on the quality of the server. Dedicated servers can start from approximately $150. If you see a plan for less, chances are it is best avoided. Some plans can run into thousands, but these are generally targeted at sites with thousands upon thousands of visitors per month.

When it comes to security, you can expect dedicated servers to be more robust. VPS servers employ something called a hypervisor, which is tasked with creating and managing each site or account on the server. Whilst most viruses will only be able to hit one account, in some cases they can be so advanced that they outwit the hypervisor and affect each one.

Need complete control?

One good reason for opting for a dedicated server is that you’ll be the only person using the system, so you can configure it whichever way you like. This can mean changing parts of the core software and hardware. Though you may never wish or need to change the settings, the ability to do so can be very advantageous in many cases, for instance if you need to run a specialised application.

Whether you opt for a VPS or dedicated server can depend on the hardware you need to run your site. The larger the amount of hardware in question is, the more likely it is that one or even several dedicated servers will give you the performance you need. If you cannot afford a dedicated server, chances are that your needs aren’t great enough for you to need one.

How big are your needs?

Many experts argue that you will only need a dedicated server if you have more than 500,000 visitors a month or if you need highly-specialised hardware. Some big-name companies opt for dedicated servers even when they don’t need them in order to keep their customers minds at rest and convince them they are choosing a company that sticks to the highest standards in each part of its business. Whatever you decide, you shouldn’t find it too hard to find the right hosting provider for your needs.


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