The Benefits of Kubernetes

Benefits of Kubernetes

The word “kubernetes” is Greek and means “pilot” or “helmsman”. Kubernetes is considered to be the basis of “governor” and “cybernetic”.

In this blog, we shall find out what kubernetes is and how its benefits enterprises. Kubernetes is “an open-source platform for automating deployment, scaling, and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts, providing container-centric infrastructure.” (

If you install kubernetes, it will help you respond to your customer demands efficiently and quickly.

  • One can deploy his/her applications predictably and quickly.
  • One can scale the applications while in progress.
  • It helps in rolling out any new feature seamlessly.
  • There is an optimum use of the hardware as you only use those resources that are necessary.

What are the salient features of Kubernetes? They are:

  • Extensible: pluggable, modular, composable, ‘hookable’
  • Portable: private, public, multi-cloud, hybrid
  • Self-healing: auto-restart, auto-placement, auto scaling, auto-replication

Google came out with kubernetes in 2014. Google has more than a decade of experience in running ‘production workloads’; this experience, their best practices, and ideas from the community have gone into building kubernetes.

Let us now discuss why you need Kubernetes.

A big infrastructure will generally have hundreds of applications and all these applications will require storage, networking, and management/alerting. These features should be automated. In last few years, we have seen several container management platforms; some have been good and some have been horrible. After several trials and reviews, kubernetes has been established as the best solution in current times. Kubernetes-as-a-service is the only platform that provides a “whole package” – both networking and handling persistent storage.

Kubernetes clusters are able to handle storage, networking, logs, autoscaling, alerting etc. for all containers in your enterprise. Those who have been using kubernetes swear by their exceptionally low maintenance feature. After setting them up and configuring them properly, your applications will show great performance, run with immensely low downtime, and will drastically reduce the need for any support intervention. Those companies who have deployed their services on kubernetes, say that their support team witnessed a dramatic reduction in their support issues. Also, it enabled their support teams to allocate more time in building higher standards of relationships with their customers. We believe that all the enterprises out there will unanimously agree to this fact and that the efforts of their support teams should focus more on building customer relationships.

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