Teleporting Technology Becomes Affordable

Teleporting Technology
hi-tech video streaming

Teleporting technology has so far been restricted to expensive robotics research laboratories. It has had been out of the reach of the ordinary people because of the technology’s cost. However, that is about to change with the introduction of a new mobile and cloud-based technology. Now you can be present anywhere, go visit any places of interest and do anything. Powered by hi-tech video streaming, the technology allows you to feel like being present in the place, while it is your Avatar that does everything you direct them to do.

Be Anywhere through Telepresence

The modern mobile technology allows you to be anywhere through telepresence. The technology is based on a community of Usars and Avatars, where you can hire the service of an Avatar. An Avatar offers their physical presence for a fee. All they will need is a smartphone to provide you live streaming feed.

Human Avatars are natural and far better than robots. A human can walk, talk, visit places, open doors, and do anything you want them to. And you can pay them for their services in cryptocurrency. This latest technology uses a cryptocurrency based system where Avatar services can be hired using coins.

Go Beyond Your Physical Limitations

Almost everyone has desires to travel to their favorite tourist places. Financial restraints, physical limitations and time can restrict you from fulfilling those dreams. But this new technology allows you to visit any place on this planet through an Avatar, saving you time and money. Even if you have physical disabilities, you can travel to a distant place using this telepresence system.

The technology also empowers business processes. Forgo business trips and be present in a meeting or another place for inspection or completing projects by giving instructions to your Avatar. This new technology is set to change the way people used to travel the world.

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