Retrace Your Code From Dev To Prod With Stackify’s Retrace

Retrace Your Code From Dev

Well, you all know how much importance does Stackify holds for Microsoft Azure. And every product of Stackify has something extraordinary for the masses. One such product is Retrace. It offers powerful application performance management for the application and development team. It permits the developers to easily look out for bugs and enhance the performance of the application on the QA testing and production servers. It renders developers with a solution basically crafted to render data, visibility and actionable insights about what they require and want.

  • Retrace is simple to install and use. In today’s time, the development team requires a solution which is SaaS based and all set to scale, so Retrace is the answer to all of it.
  • It is specifically designed for developers. It helps them see more with lesser efforts. It offers a single window for effective code performance and metrics along with errors and logs.
  • It works easily with most common app stacks and also renders results for things like which cache key is used and the queue names
  • If you’re tired of looking out for bugs in the dark, then you can retrace your code to solve bugs and improvise the performance.
  • It has several tools which a dev team needs.

Some of the functions offered by Retrace are:

  • Get full-detail, code level tracing of the transaction- It helps you to track hey methods in the development structure. Teamed with the application errors and logs, it is no less than sheer genius. Look out for the problem of the application has been made easy with it.
  • It easily identifies the laziest stack portion- Application issues are majorly linked with dependencies like NoSQL, SQL or any kind of web service. With the help of Retrace, you can easily solve these problems. You have several common libraries in support.
  • Check out all your logs- Retrace can amalgamate all your app and server logs. Better searching capabilities is provided to make troubleshooting of the bugs simpler.
  • Web server logs, syslogs, app logs and windows events are also given good support. You can send app logs to Retrace through the common logging structures like log4net, logback, and others.
  • Automatically track the errors- It helps you to automatically track the code exceptions and when they begin and how often they come up. Retrace simple acknowledges the exception and alerts you when any new error comes up.
  • Switch from log statement to a complete transaction trace- What’s more amazing than coming to an entire context from a single log statement, well Retrace helps you accomplish it.
  • Keep a track of application metrics- Retrace makes it simple to evaluate performance counters, personalized metrics mBeans and more. With few codes, you can easily create personalized metrics for your application.
  • Monitor all- Retrace works like a swiss army knife in monitoring applications. You can keep a check on the servers, app performance, logs, error rates, app metrics and more. It offers good alerting and notification abilities via Slack, SMS and email.

Retrace works well with Azure, Windows, AWS, Linux, Oracle, MySQL, Tomcat and more. Visit here to download it.

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