RapidBot: Your Number 1 Instagram AI Bot

Number 1 Instagram AI Bot

Want to become famous in Instagram in an instant? Looking for ways to increase sale through your Instagram account in no time? RapidBot is the answer.

RapidBot, as an Instagram Bot, operates very similar to a human being. It uses artificial intelligence and works your Instagram page by sending thousands of likes, follows and comments every day even when you are sleeping.

Don’t even worry because RapidBot operates via API’s that involves no tricks or hacks so you won’t have any problems with your account and be treated as a spammer and lose your followers.

So what makes RapidBot different than other Instagram bots? Here are its features:

  1. Simple Interface

Whether you’re a professional or amateur, RapidBot’s Interface is very easy to use and is 100% User Friendly. No wasting time to understand its features and navigations as it is guaranteed to have no complicated interface.

  1. Artificial Intelligence Robot

Do not worry about your accounts safety and risk of losing followers. RapidBot is an artificial intelligence bot that stimulates activities like a normal person.

  1. Advanced Reports

Check how RapidBot has been doing its job through its Advanced Reporting feature. It contains very special reports that helps you identify the programs performance and what you might need to add in order to direct it to a better path.

  1. Activity Automation

RapidBot will keep on following, commenting, liking, reposting media, following back, unfollowing and delete media activities according to your commands 24/7.

  1. Targets

Find various targets under feed timelines, usernames, locations and hashtags with multiple selection with RapidBot.

  1. Setting Locations

RapidBot allows you to reach a targeted market to a given location which is a considerable variable in growing your business. This will help you know where your potential customers or followers are.

  1. Auto-Post and auto direct message

RapidBot will automatically post on your Instagram account and send direct messages to your followers based on your Instructions:

  • Articles: Videos, Story Photos, Photos
  • Article Preview: Before posting articles for real, RapidBot will give you an Instagram article preview
  • Article Scheduling: RapidBot gives you the flexibility when to post your articles and stories with its scheduling feature.
  • Emoji: RapidBot is supported of hundreds of emojis
  • Category: Inserting accounts into a group
  • Spintax: Encourages spintax in order to connect the article on your own Instagram account
  1. Instagram Search

RapidBot can search with keywords by username or hashtags.

  1. Instagram download

RapidBot can download any movie or photos easily through Media ID or Media URL.

  • Extensive Support

RapidBot had a crash? No worries! Our support team is on stand-by 24/7 to provide you with quick service and online troubleshooting.

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