The Online Logo Maker That Benefits Both Businesses and Designers

Online Logo Maker

We were digging out the web for the different Logo makers when we came across a site, Logo Orbit, that claims to be generating the custom made logos by the help of type matching Algorithms. We explored it more and ended up writing a review of it for our audience.

Logo Orbit is the startup that focusses on providing a solution to both businesses and designers. It claims to be filling the design market gaps by enabling designers to monetize their unused unique logo concepts and companies to get a custom made Logo in 3:00 minutes or less.

Does it generate a logo in 3:00 minutes?

Well to find the reality behind the claim, we accessed the tool by ourselves with a timer, and the result was jaw-dropping. It was exactly the 3:00 minutes even we checked it thrice with different industries and business names. There may be the server and internet speed factor at your side but if it’s not then they are right with this claim.

Custom Made Logo or Old School Template?

Well, to be honest, the price which this Logo maker offers businesses can’t get you a professional custom logo from scratch. Most of them have Photoshop attached at the backend to load the pre-made logos by replacing the company name and slogan (if any). It’s about the quality of those logos and system that make one stand out from the rest.

We found that the logos that are getting generate on Logo Orbit are the unused custom logo concepts from professional designers around the world. So one thing is sure that is it’s not those old fashioned templates or clip art.

Opportunity for Designers

It’s an opportunity for every designer who is fed up of logo marketplaces where he has to build profiles and pitch others to sell his unused concepts. What we learned about the service that it offers designers to just signup and submit their logos to them. Their professionals review those concepts, and if accepted they are added to the database with related tags. What’s more interesting is that they didn’t have to care about any profile or pitching as they’ll get the straight 10-40% commission on each sale of their concept automatically.

We contacted Logo Orbit and asked their CEO, James Man to shed some stats on how much designers they have signed up on their site? Whether all the designs are submitted by designers virtually, or they’ve some in-house contribution? Below is the quoted reply.

“There are currently over 800 designer signups on our site. Now about your second question, well we have an extensive database that features the virtually submitted designs and also the daily contributed designs of our in-house design team.”

The Process

The process is a bit traditional like any other logo maker. You have to fill in business details like company name, slogan, keyword and select the industry to generate logos.

What we found even more interesting after choosing a logo is that it offers the free basic customization from a professional designer. Like if you want to change the color, slogan location or font then you don’t have to do it yourself; instead, a professional designer will do that for you. On the other hand, in most of the logo creators, you have to do it by yourselves.


In the end, we found that Logo Orbit also offers the professional custom logo design services through their in-house team. The price for a single Logo is $39 while to get the original editable AI file; you’d have to pay an extra $49.

Your logo is the core essence of your brand which serves as a beacon of light for your company to attract the targeted market. So you need to choose wisely between different options. At the end of the day, it’s you who take action.

Got any questions or feedback related to this review? Drop them in the comments section below, and we’ll try to answer them all.

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