Nuvolat Cloud Group Simplifies Desktop as a Service

Nuvolat Cloud Group

One of the virtual desktop infrastructure based services is a desktop as a service which is in short represented as DaaS. In DaaS, the virtual desktop as well as its application and the infrastructure are transferred over a cloud. The virtual desktop infrastructure i.e. VDI is managed with the help of a third party. This is a cloud-based service that is being used with the methodology of the virtual desktop.

 A DaaS service provider has the task of handling the storage of the data of the user, securing the user’s data and backing up the data. The provider has also the responsibility of upgrading the services related to DaaS and some other related applications. One of the best Desktop as a service provider is the Nuvolat Cloud Group. One of the best cloud services is provided by this service provider.

Mechanism to use Desktop as a service

The architecture of DaaS is a multi-tenant based architecture. It signifies that a single software-based application can serve multiple customers. Every customer is considered as a tenant. The services of DaaS run on the single database server and the web access of virtual desktop is provided to multiple customers.

The services can be used on the basis of subscriptions that are being purchased. In the whole delivery model of DaaS, the back end responsibilities are handled by the service provider. The full security of the system is handled by him and he also manages to take the backups of the data and store it properly. During the logon time, the personal data of the customer is copied to the virtual desktop and when a logoff is done then the data is again copied back. The access to the desktop is independent of the device, network, and the location.

All the cost and the maintenance related to back ends are handled by the service provider but the customer needs to manage their own desktop based applications like the images, some other apps, and the security. In case the services of the desktop are also included in the subscription fees, then these all configurations are also handled by the service provider.

Advantages of Desktop as a Service

Moving away from physical desktop to a virtual based desktop has many benefits. All the industry experts use this service. The major advantages of Desktop as a Service are as follows:

  1. Finance related advantage: The new releases of windows are always requiring major upgrades. To save the huge capital expenditure, the DaaS is the best option. With the cloud-based services, the hardware costs are eradicated.
  2. Pervasive mobility: With DaaS the old tradition of working on same desktop has been removed. You are independent of the geographical location.
  3. Security: With the help of DaaS, the user’s data is on the cloud and not on any personal device and thus hacking is impossible.

Thus, DaaS proves to be a better alternative for the personal desktop and is now used widely everywhere.


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