How Many Types of Web Hosting Services are Available?

Web Hosting Services

Web hosting service is one of the biggest service industries in the 21st-century global commercial scenario. Technological development and the dependency on the internet for every single thing ranging from shopping to education to business has brought the multi-faceted web hosting service industry into the limelight, and it has a lot of services to offer. Let us look at the different types of web hosting available and then we will look at hosting website FatCow review.

Various Kinds of Web Hosting Services

There are a lot of different and distinct types of web hosting services that are available for hosting your website. Web hosting service options are:

  • Website building

This is a good service for beginners and caters to help the technical skill development and also knowledge building to run a website.

  • Shared Hosting

In shared hosting, one server is shared among more than one website owner. The sharing includes sharing of the software application and also the physical server. This sometimes makes the process slower.

  • Dedicated Hosting

Unlike Shared hosting, here you have the software applications, and the server to yourself and this form is a little pricey and perfect for websites which require tight security.

FatCow: A trusted Web Hosting solution

Since its establishment in 1998, FatCow is a trusted name as a provider of website hosting services. Endurance International Group owns and manages FatCow. FatCowreview is absolutely not complete without mentioning the services they provide.

  • VPS Solution
  • Host servers
  • Website building
  • Domain space
  • Domain name
  • Domain registration and more.

Advantages of FatCow Website Hosting

  1. Daily Backup

Unlike most of the budget website hosting service providers, FatCow recommends a daily backup plan for you. You can keep your entire information safe without having to subscribe to any third-party backup plans.

  1. Strong Uptime Record

The uptime record of FatCow is perfection. The host is very trustworthy and is good for both personal and business usage. Among a lot of good features available at this web hosting site, the strong uptime record is definitely a winner.

Web hosting solutions are very important now for both small and big businesses and organizations because with the globalization and digitization of every means of commerce, we have already stepped into a platform based on web presence and it is increasing day by day.

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