About Loads Cells And Weighing Systems

Cells And Weighing Systems

Tacuna Systems specializes in sourcing a wide range of manufacturing and force measuring equipment such as load cells, weighing scales, strain gauges, etc.  They have products from companies like AmCells and AnyLoad and provides customers with a reliable review on every part. Tacuna System is made for catering satisfaction and quality to their customers. Load cells are one of the products that people purchase extensively from them, so let us know something about them.

What are Load Cells?

  • A load cell either is a transductor or a sensor which changes the force or load on it into an electronic signal. The signal can be a voltage change, frequency change or current change and it depends on the type of load cell and circuitry that is being used.
  • The load cells may have one, two or four strain gauges according to their type and the strain gauge is the main part which converts the force into electrical signal. The primary use of a load cell is a weighing instrument.
  • Load cells are of many types including S-type, Disk load cells, Miniature load cells,
  • Some places where load cells are used: electronic crane scales, measurement of force, weighing of a railcar or tension measurement.

Types of Load Cells

Tuscan System provides its customers with a wide variety of load cells to choose from. Some of the variations are:

  • Double Ended Shear Beams are mainly used for medium to high capacity applications; it is more advantageous than other models of load cells. They are highly precise and are mostly resistant to transverse loading. This type of load cells can measure between 100 Kg and 20T.
  • S-type load cells are quite inexpensive and versatile. They are used in automotive components, polymer strain testing or industrial food processing. They are popular for tension load measurement. They come in aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.
  • The Planar Beam load cells are generally made of aluminum, and it is quite sensitive. It is a cost-effective option for industrial use, and it is highly enduring to bad conditions like humidity. It is used in postal services, airport baggage measurement, retail check out scales and so on. To heighten measurement capacity four cells can be laid down together.
  • Single Point load cells are the ones extensively used by industries and are quite They are used in filling and packaging systems and other places where high accuracy is required. It is helpful in cases where there are off-center loads.
  • Single Ended Shear Beams are mainly used in industrial floor scales and is efficient for weighing medium capacity weighing. They are highly durable and come made up of materials like Alloy Steel and Aluminum.
  • Miniature Load Cells can measure both compression and tension and are small in size to save spaces. They can weigh from 1 Kg to 5 T and is made of aluminum for sensitivity or with steel for high capacity and endurance.

Different Types of Weighing Systems

  • Scales like Balance Scales, Crane Scales, Pallet Scales and Floor Scales are used in the individual industries to get desired weights. Dial scales are reliable and come in variations of capacity.
  • Load Cells are used extensively for industrial purposes, and they can be adjusted to PCs or digital platforms for effective usage.
  • Strain Gauges are used with aluminum and steel to measure mechanical loads due to the strain of machinery or any other cause. They can be used to measure bending, axial and torsion strength,

Tacuna Systems – load cells and strain gauges are the ones that everyone can trust and purchase safely without any hindrance. Tacuna System’s strain gauges are made by reliable companies like Omega and Vinay. Tacuna System’s not only base themselves on selling products but also on giving customers a great service. They come with affordable prices and good return policies with an elevated customer care service.


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