Know How to Prepare For A Short Electric Power Outage

Prepare For A Short Electric Power Outage

If you live in a place where typhoons naturally happen and power lines usually stop working, power outages are nothing new. In fact, power outages are not something you should worry about. If you know how to be prepared for them, then they’ll cause you no problem at all.  Here’s how you can prepare yourself.

  1. Buy light-producing items.

Collect all items that may produce light like candles, flashlights, glow sticks and the like and place them somewhere you can easily reach. Be sure you keep a considerable amount of candles and glow sticks to aid you through power outages. You also have to keep a stockpile of batteries for your electronics. It is better that you buy several batteries for you to use during prolonged outages.

  1. Keep a first aid kit nearby.

You can never tell when an emergency might arise, especially during a power outage, so it is always best to be more prepared than sorry. Keep a first aid kit in your house. You can buy a first aid kit at various drugstores, or you compile essential medicines, bandages, etc. on your own. It must include bandages of all sizes, gauze pads, tapes, scissors, antiseptic solutions, antibiotics, pain medicines, rubbing alcohol and the like.

  1. Save your power company’s phone number.

It is important that you have your power company’s phone number with you so you can call them and ask for an update. If the power outage is unannounced, you can report it to them and ask for an estimate as to when they can get your electricity back. You can also have your electrical contacts checked if you are the only house in the neighborhood without electricity.

  1. Purchase battery-powered radios.

Radios will keep you informed about important news and happenings. In cases of strong storms and other calamities, you can get notices and even pertinent information from authorities through them. It’s especially important to listen to the news when they call for an evacuation. In which case, you will be able to know about it and get prepared. Radios can be used for entertainment purposes, too.

  1. Have your power banks or car chargers ready all the time.

Phones are the main means of communication nowadays. It is your best weapon during times of power outages and calamities. Keep power banks and car chargers ready, so you can charge up your phones when the batteries die.

  1. Buy a gas camping stove or grill.

If your kitchen stove is electric, it would not definitely work during a power outage. There are other means of cooking food like gas camping stoves or grills using charcoals.

  1. Emergency generators are essential.

If you have the means to buy emergency generators, then do so. However, you have to identify critical loads and use it for equipment that would be essential for an outage first. This is helpful especially for business owners.


Whether it is an announced power outage or an unanticipated one, it is still important to be ready in cases as such. You can follow the tips aforementioned to keep you and your family comfortable and your business working during power outages. If you are curious and would like to know more about how electrical contacts are manufactured, click here.


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