Keep Yourself Safe From The Electromagnetic Radiations

Electromagnetic Radiations

In this modern age, electronic devices are a part of your life, it does not matter that who or what you are. Whether you are in the office or in the home you are surrounded by various electronic devices like television, laptop, desktop, cell phone and so on. These devices emit electromagnetic radiations which are very dangerous for us. It causes many diseases like Alzheimer, cancer and heart diseases if you keep yourself in the exposure of the radiation. It is also true that you cannot live without these pieces of equipment because now these are the parts of your life and to live without them is tough but it is also your responsibility to prevent yourself from the electromagnetic radiation EMF computer laptop.

Electromagnetic radiation and its type

There are many sources of electromagnetic radiation like towers and antennas of televisions, telephones and so on. These are less harmful to you than radiation emitted by televisions, laptop, desktop and cell phone because tower and antenna are away from you while the exposure from those types of equipment that are very close to you is more dangerous. There are two types of electromagnetic radiations.

  • Ionizing radiation
  • Nonionizing radiation

Both types of radiation are harmful to you depending upon the type and wavelength of radiation.

How you can prevent yourself from Electromagnetic radiation

 It is suggested that if you want to prevent yourself from Electromagnetic radiation you should maintain an optimum distance from these types of equipment. It is said that exposure more than 2 miliGous is harmful to your organs. You should use these pieces of equipment as mentioned below.

  • You should keep yourself 3 feet away at least from the computer.
  • If you use laptop keeping it on your lap is proved to be more dangerous because then you are exposed to the radiation of 20 miliGous, don’t keep the laptop on your lap.

Similarly, maintaining a proper distance from all the electronic equipment while using, is an efficient way to prevent from radiation.


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