How has the introduction of wearable tech changed the mobile community?

The rate at which technology advances never seems to amaze me. The latest new craze within the mobile community is the introduction of wearable technology. What is wearable technology?...

The rate at which technology advances never seems to amaze me. The latest new craze within the mobile community is the introduction of wearable technology.

What is wearable technology?

Wearable technology as the name suggests allows the user wear mobile products instead of having to carry a cellular device around.

Now this is a very broad description of the wearable technology and I actually want to focus on theonly aspect of the whole wearable range, and that is asmartwatch.

What is a smart watch?

The smart watch is probably at the moment the most popular choice of wearable tech on the market. It looks like a fancy digital watch but has so many different capabilities from an ordinary watch.

These features allow the user to connect their mobile cellular devices to their smart watch and their smart watch acts as a notification device.

This has allowed users to become more productive in the work place and has created a whole new opportunity for the mobile development community with regards to new job opportunities.

What new aspects have programmers had to take into account?

Because of the location where the user wears a smart watch, many watches have new built-in sensors that require new pieces of code to operate said sensors.

In most cases, these new sensors allow the user to see, and recorded, amovement like footsteps, their heart rate and in some cases even their cholesterol level.

This has created a demand for quality sports monitoring applications, as not only are end users trying to become more productive they are also trying to become more proactive.

There is a clear and distinct relationship between what the user wants and how the industry reacts and gives the user what they want.

For example;

The easiest way for a mobile app development company to stay on top of its game is to be aware of what its target market was.

For example, in 2016 Pokémon Go was released and it was an instant hit globally, I mean I don’t think I have ever seen so many people outside before, but regardless of that point, Nintendo made their money and now in 2017 you rarely hear about Pokémon Go.

Now if Nintendo wanted to keep on profiting from Pokémon Go then they would have made a version that worked with the end users smart watches, I mean let’s think of that for a minute, how cool would it be, be able to catch Pokémon with your Apple Watch?


I cannot express the fact at how large the role that the end user has in changing the mobile app development work and a mobile app company that allows itself to do the required marketing and the correct research will often be able to find a hole in the market which is they exploit properly they will be able to make the most out of the market, consumerism, which will lead to more money.


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