How to Juice Social Media Channels For Your Business in 2017

Social Media Channels for Your Business in 2017

Social Media is increasing with each passing year and in the year 2017, the need to stay connected with your prospective audience and customers is important.

The Social Media interaction is highly important. The trend is moving towards the Social Media and as per 92% marketers, social media marketing is important for their business.

The social media use is increasing and with this, the need for Social media page design is also pulling several businesses to juice social media channels for business in 2017 at its best.

In an effort to juice Social Media Channels for your biz in 2017, here are some tips:

Understanding Who is Your Audience?

Understanding, who is your audience, is the first necessary step towards the perfect social media planning.

Your audience depends on the niche you are running in. You need to analyze the type of people interacting with your brand and what are the favorite of your audience, when it concerns your products.

Thus, your audience depends on the products, services, and resources. If you are running a local store, you need to focus on the audience located locally.

In case, your brand is very specific, you need to trim down your audience to the specific niche of an audience. Getting a full understanding of your audience is highly essential.

How to use each Social Media Channel

There are a number of social media channels out there. There is no dearth of social media channels available with the leading names as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Instagram and YouTube.

While each social media channels serve a different purpose and have their limitations and advantages of their own, all business owners have to know how to use them for their benefit.

The owners have to know How to use Facebook for business to reap maximum profit. The chart below shows that Facebook dominates small business social media marketing.

(Image Credit: Social Media Examiner)

While some serve only for videos, there are some, which are available for all activities. Taking for an example, in India, the Instagram still lags behind channels like Facebook, the twitter is better understood to be for better benefits for business.

The Target Location of Your Business

Understanding the target of your business is an important step towards the better understanding of the better utilization of Social Media Channels for your business.

The Understanding of which social media can be used at which place also plays a part of the strategy in devising the ways for the better use of the channels available at your hand.

You need to understand social media demographic for a better strategy. Deep Research on it & Plan it accordingly!

How Your Consumers Consume Content

Some social media channels serve much better for some specific contents; while some are good for short content, some can handle long contents in a better way.

Taking an example, twitters are meant for short contents; the social channels like Linkedin are best for handling long form and well-researched articles.

Thus, it is important to understand, where the target audience will consume, which particular type of content.


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