Five-Website Designs Mistakes That Are Damaging Your SEO

Bad content will harm your SEO, there is no question about that, but a lot of people do not know that the website design can as well ruin your...

Bad content will harm your SEO, there is no question about that, but a lot of people do not know that the website design can as well ruin your SEO. The engagement metric is necessary for SEO, but you cannot expect it to succeed without a proper website design, because to human eyes, visual matters. If unsure, make sure you engaged with a marketing agency that provides ethical SEO services.

A recent study has shown that 94 % of website’s user claims that the website elements such as the intros and the layout attract them to visit the site constantly. Google and other search engines are getting smarter every day, and what might have worked yesterday might not work today. With respect to web design, here are common mistakes that a probably worked several years ago, but may now be hampering your web search performance.

Mistake 1: Difficult to navigate website

The general rule of thumb when it comes to web development is that the users should be able to find what they are looking for, in a click of a mouse. If the users are struggling to use your site, then it is more likely that they will give you up and may move on. Make sure that the important pages can be easily accessed without the user returning to the home pages because it is the only place to find any link to the rest of the website.

Mistake 2: Neglecting mobile users

Statistics show that more 78 percent of the local mobile search often leads to offline sales. Unfortunately, a majority of businesses in Sydney are neglecting this important element. In 2015, Google rolled an update that demoted the sites that aren’t mobile friendly, and by then all the mobile friendly sites experienced a significant increase in visibility. Failing to optimize your site for mobile is driving your business.

Mistake 3: Using liberal pop ups

This might be a little controversial, and some may argue that pop-up is not a bad thing especially when it comes to an invitation for people to subscribe. But if the pops up are too disruptive to the user’s experience, they are likely to move on. If the pops are to be used, it should be relatively easy to resume the activity, but if they are copious, you will be damaging your SEO in the long run.

Mistake 4: Completely off Color schemes

SEO is not only about ranking, but it also about conversion. There is no point of being ranked high but with terrible conversion rate. The color of your site has a significant role to play in this; it is a powerful branding tool. It is important that your site have clickable text that appears clickable.

Mistake 5: Failing to optimize image

It is very often to find businesses in Sydney including important information on the images, but failing to optimize them. Remember, the human eye is more often attracted to visuals; therefore it is important that you find ways to optimize them and the on-page element. Make sure that the image is properly formatted, scale it down, but still ensure decent quality and most importantly ensure that the image and the meta text work together.

Always remember that user experience is of great importance; it is the major consideration for Google metrics. If users are not impressed with what you have, there is no way Google will provide you a good ranking. The design you create therefore matters
a lot, but again, you need to combine a good content marketing and other digital strategies to ensure you meet all the preferences of your user as well as the requirement of the search engine.


Christina Comben is Content Manager at translation and localization services provider, Day Translations. Multilingual and qualified to MBA level, Christina is passionate about writing, traveling and continued education.
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