Exporting your Trello cards to excel is now very easy

Bridge24 continues to impress its users with more innovations that make our processes even easier. On Bridge24, users can now utilize the innovative add-ons and efficient features for sorting...

Bridge24 continues to impress its users with more innovations that make our processes even easier. On Bridge24, users can now utilize the innovative add-ons and efficient features for sorting and exporting information from Trello and others like Asana, Basecamp, and AceProject.

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We are delighted to announce the new feature on Bridge24 which now allows our users to export all your information on Trello to excel in very simple and easy to learn steps. The incorporation of Export Excel into the Bridge24 platform is a milestone that has been achieved after months of crucial studies on this function. Now, you don’t have to be bothered about thinking endlessly about finding ways to retrieve your information from your applications. All you have to do is use these wonderful features on Bridge24.

You will also enjoy features on Bridge24 which will give you the authority to filter the information you need to get out of your connected Trello application.  You will have the leverage of first viewing and select the tasks and sub-tasks that you need to be exported to excel. Once you feel satisfied that all the relevant information has been sorted, you can proceed with the exportation of data to excel in a smooth process that was probably thought to be impossible previously, but it is now possible and easy with Bridge24.

The functions you can now perform are-

Your projects can now be sorted according to the desired dates before exporting to excel

Create a custom filtered list of your assigned tasks, to do’s and task cards before exporting

Organize your projects into comprehensible groups that have a better structure before export.

Organize the columns in terms of visibility as you want them to appear on the export.

Easy access to data on the calendar which can be sorted by the date of access, indicating day, week and month before export.

Access tasks from Kanban view, sort them according to the projects then export.

Exporting to excel from Trello has also been enhanced by these exclusive and special features-

You can now create an attachment on a supplementary tab with the added options to include the information on the document with the URL link.

The supplemental tab can accommodate comments on the independent lines.

It is now easy to place sub-tasks and checklists on the supplemental tab, especially for Trello.

Users have the option to export their information to be processed in a generic CSV file format

 On Trello, the custom fields can now be accessed to be viewed before export.

Exporting in the Power Grid

This is now an easy process. The information and columns selected to be exported to the power grid are first displayed for viewing. Changes can be made on the columns to show or hide columns, turn on grouping, multiple column sorting and define the functions of the custom filter. To finish, click on the Export icon located at the top right of the Power Grid.

Exporting Tasks and information from Trello to Excel

The Export to Excel for Trello button is highlighted in the Export dialogue. Proceed by choosing your preferred settings then click on the Export button.

The exported information will appear on excel as a .xlsx file. This format is compatible with excel. The user can proceed to open the file and utilize the exported information further. On the screen, you can see the different tabs that accommodate the sorted information like main tasks, sub-tasks, comments and attachment.

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