Downloading WhatsApp for free – a Know How          

downloading WhatsApp Application
downloading WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app used by people in the world. It’s free, convenient and a speedy way to chat and share content with your friends and family. After it has been taken over by Facebook, the updates on app are constantly changing. There are many new features that are constantly being added which make it the most liked messaging platform in the world. There is no country restriction and you can easily connect to anybody, anywhere.

How to download the app?

There are 2 ways of downloading WhatsApp. One is through the play store and the other is by downloading the APK file of WhatsApp from the official website of WhatsApp “”. Below are the steps to be followed to download the app from play store:

  1. Search for the app on play store
  2. Select the app and click on “install”
  3. Accept the permissions requested to automatically download and install the app.
  4. Now Open the app and agree to the terms and conditions to start the app.
  5. Now type your phone number and select the way to verify your phone number. If you choose to get the verification code through SMS, you need to type the code on the app. If you opt for a call, it is usually a small ring to verify your phone number.
  6. Now start to set up your account by updating your name and profile picture.

Now you are all set to start using the app. In case you have used the app before, you can even restore your chat history on the new phone.

Updating your app: A knowhow

After the app is downloaded and installed, the app will automatically get updated when there is a new update available. But if that does not happen automatically, you can choose to update it from Play store. Just click on “update” button on the app in play store and the app will update. There will be complete information on play store about the new features available. Once the download is complete you can use the app immediately.

Things to ensure to download WhatsApp:

  1. Make sure that your phone or gadget is compatible with downloading WhatsApp. It should be on an Android version of 2.3.3 or above.
  2. If you are unable to download the app through the play store, you can try to download the app from the browser by visiting the official website of WhatsApp. You need to download the APK file.
  3. Make sure that you have enough space on your phone. Else you will not be able to download the app.
  4. Clear the cache on phone to ensure smooth download.


Downloading and installing WhatsApp is very simple. Some phones may have compatibility issues, but you can still download the app by visiting the WhatsApp website through the browser of your phone. There could be other types of errors which may hinder the download but is most often associated with phone space and clearing the phone’s cache.

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