Is The Default Mobile Plan Of Your Phone The Only Option?

The age of connectivity has reached new heights and everybody now stays connected to the internet. With consumers using even more cellular data than before, cell phone carriers have...

The age of connectivity has reached new heights and everybody now stays connected to the internet. With consumers using even more cellular data than before, cell phone carriers have now started competing in price wars trying to attract largest share of customers by offering them generous plans.

This competition of lowest prices among the service providers might make you feel like there are better options available on the other cellular networks. However, disregarding your current phone to just to get a more generous mobile plan will be a foolish move.

In previous times, it used to be much harder than now. Once you purchased a deal, you were stuck with your carriers. This was unfair for customers but, fortunately enough, everything has now been changed thanks to reforms made by The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Now, it is fairly easy to port your number to a different mobile carrier. This process is called Mobile Number Portability (MNP).

You may change your mobile plan and move to a different carrier. Choosing the best mobile plan for your situation while keeping your own number, too, is indeed possible. Here are some things you should know.

No restriction:

A mobile carrier can’t restrict you from taking your phone number with you. Do note that the new carrier is not under any obligation to accept your previous number.

Port request filer:

A port request can be filed only by a primary account holder. If you are currently on a family plan, you will have to sign a contract with your carrier for separate services and then think about transferring your number to different carrier.

Charges to pay:

You can port your number to a different carrier even if you are in debt.  You will, however, have to pay off the debt, and pay out early termination charges if there is a contract between you and your mobile carrier.

Cancelling the current Carrier

The most important thing to note is that if you cancel your service with the current carrier without contacting a new service provider, you will be blocked from porting your number. This is because a deactivated number cannot be ported.

After choosing the plan or carrier you want to move to, you will have to contact the new provider. They will require some information from you such as your name and customer account number. You may also have to tell them your account password if there is one. Then the conversion will be handled out in the following manner:

If choosing to keep your mobile phone with you, you will also have to provide the IMEI number of your phone.

The new provider that you chose will then contact the current carrier of your mobile phone. The porting process will then be initiated. You will not have to do anything else then. The new service will start on its own.

After the activation of new service, the existing service of your mobile phone will be cancelled. You will still have to pay the debts or termination charges to the previous carrier.

So, without worrying about losing your number, keep looking for the best offers that are put out by the mobile plan providers.

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