How to Boost Your Call Centre’s Productivity with Cloud

Boost Your Call Centre’s Productivity

Voice based Business Process Outsourcing, or BPO is a booming industry and millions around the world are employed in the BPO sector. It is a very dynamic sector and gives high exposure and growth to those who work in them. Performance is very high impact word in BPOs, and it’s always the numbers game. The performance of a contact center business depends on whether the operations team is able to meet the key performance indicators. Some of the KPIs common to every call center are:

  • Number of Calls handled
  • Number of Calls in Queue
  • Average Waiting Time before a call is answered
  • Average Call Handling Time
  • Call to Sale Conversion Ratio
  • Number of Calls Abandoned

In this scenario, the numbers change dynamically if an organization fails to meet the service level agreement for a day or in an interval. To meet these KPIs, it is best if a contact center opts for cloud-based call center solutions. These solutions can improve the productivity and enable a company to meet its SLAs by harnessing the power of the cloud technology. With such applications, it would be possible for your call center to provide enhanced customer service, have improved response time and operate efficiently. It can be used for getting tailor made call management solutions and enable the employees to work on-shore as well as off-shore. The best part of cloud-based call center software is that options can be added as the operations grow and the call handling capacity of the organization increases.

Benefits of using Cloud solutions in your business

  • Advanced Call Routing: Cloud solutions enable advanced skill based routing by setting up language based bilingual queues. This enables a streamlined approach when dealing with calls from agents can be made to receive calls according to their skills.
  • High-Quality Call Recording: Quality is a very important KPI and your organization can use the call recording features in a cloud application by studying recorded calls and improving the quality of service rendered. This, in turn, leaves a positive impact on customer satisfaction.
  • Open to structural changes: The same cloud can be structured to provide different services to different employees. Some can use it to provide email and outbound support while the other group may use it to receive calls and provide on call resolution to their customers. The same cloud can also provide superior monitoring tools through which administrators and management can perform real-time analysis of the employee data and KPIs.
  • Integrated Voice Response: When someone calls a support or call center’s number they wish to get a speedy resolution of their issue. Cloud can provide excellent IVR functions by shifting the resolution of many close-ended queries on the IVR which can give many callers a quick answer to their questions thus removing many small inquiry calls from the queue. VoIP orVoice over Internet Protocol is a new form of telephone service. One can easily send and received calls over the Internet. To utilise VoIP systems, all we need is a high speed Internet connection and of course a VoIP phone service.
  • Cost Effective: Cloud is cost effective. Cloud works through the internet thus eliminates the setup cost of any physical hardware. Any organization can start functioning almost immediately using cloud solutions with minimal setup costs. Many cloud solutions provide 24/7 support to eliminate downtimes.

Hopefully, these will help you out in boosting up the call center’s productivity in coming years.

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