Best Phone Spy App To Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Espionage is legit when you are doing it for good reasons! For instance, to keep your kids or spouse safe! We are living in a digital age where it...

Espionage is legit when you are doing it for good reasons! For instance, to keep your kids or spouse safe!

We are living in a digital age where it is extremely difficult to keep your family safe. Keeping this notion in mind, the idea of spying looks absolutely fair. Monitoring the activities of your kid is easier than feeling sorry when they are in danger.

Fortunately, we are living in a world where an app is available to do everything. You don’t need to hire a personal investigator to know the location of your kid. All you need is a reliable phone spy app.

A variety of spying applications is available in the market. Finding the best one is bit overwhelming. To save you from hassle, we did the hefty part. Here, we are going to talk about best spying app that can cater all your tracking needs easily.

HoverWatch – Top Rated Phone Spy Software

HoverWatch is a complete package for your personal and professional spying needs.

To keep the check on the target device, you don’t need to be the computer savvy individual. All thanks to HoverWatch! Because it features a simple to understand user interface. From the dashboard, you can choose the desired feature for required tracking. It is compatible with the most popular platform like Windows, Android and Mac OS X. Support for a different device is another highlighted thing about this app. You can have insights right on your smartphone for a computer being used by your kid or employee. Isn’t amazing?

You must be getting curious about it! Let’s dig deeper!

Key Features Of HoverWatch

HoverWatch has earned the title because of following features:

SMS & Call Recording

Whether it is your kid or employee, no one will allow you to check their personal messages. You want to monitor because you are concerned about the safety of your family. Or you don’t want your employee to leak any confidential information. If that’s the case, HoverWatch is here to help. Not only it gives you access to text messages but also downloads the shared data like images or audio notes.

Stealth Mode

HoverWatch performs without making any noise. The target device will be tracked down without getting notified to the user.


Sometimes, kids make a mistake and go out to the parties without telling parents. This can be dangerous for them. But don’t you worry when you have perfect spy solution. HoverWatch can tell you an accurate location of the target device using the nearby Wi-fi or GPS signals.

WhatsApp & Facebook Tracking

Just like text messages, HoverWatch is capable of saving messages or media shared on WhatsApp or Facebook.

Front Camera Photos

This automatic function is a unique thing about HoverWatch. When anyone unlocks the target device, the front camera takes the selfie and send it to HoverWatch’s dashboard. You can actually see who has used the phone last!

Refog – Personal Monitor

Refog is PC monitoring app for parental control without meddling the personal space.

Parents are always worried about their kids. That’s why they want to keep the check on them. But kids are smarter than elders. If you think restricting the sites or apps on a computer is a good idea, then you are at a mistake. Instead, you must get a nonintrusive solution like Refog!

Key Features

The refog personal monitor offers you following features:

  • Social networks tracking
  • Chats and voice calls recording
  • Automatic capturing using the webcam
  • Tracking of comments or messages shared on unrecognized forums, chats or apps

Refog is an efficient and family friendly personal monitor. You can install it without getting paranoid, as it is free from malware and viruses.

There is no need to waste your energy on getting worried. To keep your family safe, you just need a spying app. And nothing is better than HoverWatch! If you want an app targeted on a computer, Refog is the great choice!


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