4 Ways Scalable Tech Services Grow with Your Company

Tech Services Grow with Your Company

How ever large your company currently is, a business should always be growing. Growth is a sign of prosperity and success, and although you may not want to do too much all at once, expanding operations is important. Many SMBs today, and even larger enterprises as well, are looking for scalable solutions in terms of their business investments, ranging from communication technology to office space. Due to the fact that offices can be completely virtual and that daily operations every business goes through don’t have to happen in-person, scalable tech has become more important than ever. It provides flexibility not only in management style and hiring possibilities but also results in substantial cost savings if utilized the right way. Here are five ways that scalable tech, specifically communication options, can grow with your company.

  • Matching Leadership Expansion

As your business grows, so does your leadership, and choosing the right people for the job is absolutely essential. The employees you put in charge should not only inspire loyalty and creativity in their subordinates and be respected by their colleagues, but they also must have the ability to clearly voice a message. Goals are important when it comes to doing business, whether you’re the leader of a team working on a specific project, or dealing directly with clients who are looking to you for confidence as a salesperson. This is where video conferencing solutions come in. BlueJeans online webcasting is a system that can be used in different contexts, for different numbers of participants. Whether you’re using video to broadcast the voices of your most important new leadership, or running a webcast for a larger audience, this is the type of scalable solution that can grow or shrink with your needs.

  • Bringing Together Employees

Expecting employees to happily and productively work in a vacuum is one surefire way to kill creativity and drive a business into the ground. People don’t want to exist with tunnel vision when working on a project or assignment. While it’s true that alone time is certainly prized since it allows busy staff to get individual tasks done, it’s not a good environment for the entire workday. Therefore, bringing employees of all ranks together is important. According to Entrepreneur, one of the best ways to inspire new managers and better employees is to let individuals connect with the higher-ups in company leadership. Video allows you to do this more easily than any other mechanism, connecting targeted audiences to a particular department or manager. This is especially effective if your company is growing geographically as well as staff-wise. Centralized message delivery and inspirational management is key to keeping up your profit margins.

  • Improving Collaboration Processes

Collaboration among teams needs to be lively, engaging, and switched up from time to time. This is why things like weekly meetings can drag on and become stagnant if they’re not closely monitored. However, using video can help to ensure that the conversation never stagnates, especially since it can change location. One of the most useful features of scalable video technology is that it’s also portable. Employees can join a video meeting from any device, including a smartphone or tablet, from any place they happen to be. This approach to meetings fosters renewed inspiration as settings change, but also allows conversations to flow more freely and feel like a routine.

  • New Hires Without Renting New Office Space

One of the most expensive parts of hiring new employees isn’t just the benefits or interviewing process, but also the office space. If your company is growing at a fast rate, then keeping up with how much physical space is required for all those new hires can get very expensive, very quickly. That’s where video comes in. Using a cloud-based video conferencing service that’s interoperable and portable means that you can hire off-site remote workers who connect from anywhere in the world. These days, even if your staff is in the same country or state, it’s rare that it’s all centralizing in one physical location once you start to grow. According to Market Watch, not only are Millennials as a group eager to work remotely, but a recent survey showed that 62 percent of 24,000 workers who were polled reported that they’re already taking advantage of working remotely. On top of that, almost all polled stated that they’d be happier and more productive taking advantage of a flexible work environment which includes doing their job remotely via video or phone.

Using a cloud-based video conferencing provider with scalable services provides a multitude of possibilities when it comes to how you grow your business. Not only is this more affordable than attempting to invest in larger, expensive technology like a built-in video conferencing center on-site since you’ve grown, but it also allows information to be broadcast far and wide with very little effort. Whether you’re looking for a large webcast of 100 people or just a five-person team meeting across international borders, video conferencing is the perfect scalable solution.


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