4 technology trends that can help you save money  

technology trends can help you save money
Bring Your Own Devices

When it comes to getting your business off the ground, financial stability is key

Technology is constantly moving, changing and updating, and this can make it seem a little overwhelming to those of us without a tech-savvy mind. But if you own your own business, understanding and using technology trends can be the most efficient and effective way of boosting the productivity of your workspace, all the while saving you on unnecessary financial expenses.

So what trends should you be paying attention to in order to save your business money? The team at Syntax IT Support London are here with their thoughts on the tech trends you should be jumping on board with.


Virtualisation can help plant your business firmly in the 21st century. The virtual world and ability to communicate online offers a way to truly innovate your business and save money at the same time.

Virtualisation is simply taking advantage of the opportunities the virtual landscape offers. It can save money on travel costs by eliminating the need for many face to face meetings.

It can also eradicate the need for physical space in situations such as business meetings, as web conferencing platforms and software like Skype and office suites like Microsoft 365 make online conferencing as easy as face to face interaction without the added costs.

The cloud

Chances are you’ve heard of the cloud. In a nutshell, the cloud is a virtual sharing and storage platform, where anyone given access can search for documents, save documents, communicate with others and transfer data.

The cloud can help streamline your office space without the need for hardware which stores valuable data. Even printing becomes unnecessary when documents can be easily shared with colleagues via the cloud.

The cloud also allows employees to stay in the loop whilst working remotely, or when travelling for work. This helps efficiency remain intact so no time is lost.

Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD)

Bring Your Own Devices is exactly as the name suggests. Allowing employees to use their own hardware for work makes remote work more popular than ever, especially when combined with the cloud. BYOD offers the ability to stay connected even when physically distant, as even at home employees have access to work-related data and documentation.

With all these benefits, it’s no surprise innovative businesses now allow and even encourage the use of personal devices at work. BYOD allows companies to save on expenditure for mobile devices, tablets and laptops.

However, BYOD does come with its own set of risks which must be taken into account. Travelling to and from work every day with expensive tech can put employees at risk, and adequate training must be put in place to make sure security isn’t compromised.

Time management and tracking

The time management of your workspace can be improved by tech tools which help you track how the time is being used. Tools which make sure your employees remain efficient can only be a good thing. Digital calendars, task tracking websites and apps can all help manage the way the time you pay for is being used.

When combined with cloud technologies, time tracking helps employee workflow stay in sync with minimal effort. As an employer, it gives you easy access into seeing what tasks your employees are carrying out at any given moment, and also allows you to prioritize what you think are the most important jobs to be done.

By integrating these tech trends into your business, the productivity of your workspace is sure to increase – and you’ll save yourself money on unnecessary costs.

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